The Bridge Talk # 15: Sonja Nannan interviews Judith Geiß about Video shooting

„This is one of the best tips I can give you: Start with interviews, because you are not alone.“
Judith Geiß

How true!! 🥳

I give Sonja Nannan some great insights and tips on how I deals with being visible on social media and taking videos of myself.
The interview is short and sweet ❤ and has super valuable information that I can only subscribe to.

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Enjoy and let us know what your biggest take-away from this video was!


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Transkript der Talk-Folge:

[00:00] – Sonja Nannan
Hello Judith, welcome to my interview to a group, I’m so happy you’re part of our group. Please introduce yourself, what you do. And yeah, how you’re feeling at this moment with the confinement.

[00:16] – Judith Geiß
Hello Sonja and hello to the all the group members. I’m happy to be here because always when I’m looking into the group, there is Sonja smiling in my fee and you know in these days you need someone also smiling. So, I’m really happy to be part of the group. Yeah, my name is Judith Geiß, and I’m supporting companies after an American takeover and I’m supporting them now. Nearly 10 years, the first of May. It’s 10 years anniversary of my business. And yeah, and I’m really happy to be part of this interview and give you some insights from my point of view and yeah. How I do it with videos and how they support me to go on stage.

[00:58] – Sonja Nannan
You are regularly shooting videos for your business. What tips would you give to the group members, how they can feel more confident shooting videos of themselves?

[01:09] – Judith Geiß
For me, it’s really a longer journey with all the videos because I started, I think. Two or three years ago, because there was a mentor and she told me, I need to do videos. And then I just thought, OK, me doing videos, I couldn’t imagine. And yeah, from now, I am looking back, I think it’s summer 2017 maybe. And my first video should be published on my profile and I worked pretty hard. Or my husband and I worked very hard because he tried again and again and it just said, OK, the next one is the last one. Please just let us do it. And it was just a short introduction. My name is Judith. I’m supporting companies after an American take over. I was also a part of a take over many years ago. And I bring to you what I’ve learnt about something like that. I don’t know, maybe 30 seconds. Yeah, but it took us, I think, nearly two weeks until I was OK with the video and told him, OK, now we can upload it. OK, so my first tip is don’t overthink it. Just do it.

[02:23] – Sonja Nannan

[02:24] – Judith Geiß
And nothing happens afterwards. And it’s really. Yeah. You can improve from video to video and you get your confidence after a while. It’s not that everybody is a video star from the beginning also the YouTube Stars with your stuff or anything like that, you just need to go back to the first videos and then you see that they are same as you. And this helped me, for example, just say, OK, I’m not perfect. I do not need to be perfect, but yeah, I can do it.

[02:57] – Sonja Nannan
That’s really cool. Now you film quite a lot. Do you do Facebook lives. I see quite a lot of videos of you on Facebook and you have a YouTube channel. Do you prepare a little bit of what you’re going to say or how does the actual or the practical process look like for you when you shoot a video?

[03:15] – Judith Geiß
Now, how to what I would say is just that I schedule a day where I want to do it.

[03:22] – Sonja Nannan

[03:23]- Judith Geiß
sometimes also all the time because I have a lot of appointments. And then I say, OK, six o’clock in the evening, I need to do that. It’s not that I uploaded that it’s live in this moment, but I really need to do it then also if I do not publish it directly, the first one is the last one. It’s very. Yeah, I need that for me just to say, OK, that won’t be anything perfect, but the second or third won’t be better.

[03:53] – Sonja Nannan

[03:54] – Judith Geiß
This is my experience. It’s true that I just do it and then yeah, it’s there. For me it’s also a difference if I do it, for example, like we do it in form of an interview then I can completely.

[04:08] – Sonja Nannan
How do you prepare then?

[04:10] – Judith Geiß
I really have a look on the questions, if there is an interview, interview, questions, and before then, I think I do more make-up when I’m doing an interview with my hairs or something like that. But what I really need to say, and I think this is one of the best tips I could give you start with interviews because you are not.alone.

[04:33] – Sonja Nannan
Ah, cool. That’s a good thing. Everybody’s welcome in the group to come.

[04:40] – Judith Geiß
I did it also when I started out with the videos, I got an invitation for a Talk and I just said, Oh, that’s good, because I’m just talking. And from time to time, I just forget that there is a video session for me. It was really that starts to say, OK, and if I’m not feeling confident enough, I just look for another interview or just say whatever, Sonja come into my the Bridge Talk and I start with the Bridge talk. Before I had the Bridge TV, just to say, OK, if I’m feeling not that confident or if I think that’s expertise needed on the Talk of my audience, then I bring someone in. And for me it’s a lot easier when I’m talking to someone or with someone not only in the I would say off. No one is replying.

[05:36.250] – Sonja Nannan
Yes. Just to the camera. Just to your phone. Yeah. And that’s very interesting. But you also do public speaking gigs like Live when we are all going to come back from the confinement. That’s going to go on for you as well. How do you deal with these situations when people are looking at you when you are?

[05:53] – Judith Geiß
For me, it’s easier than videos because I get complete feedback and I can just bring the audience into my speech.

[06:02] – Sonja Nannan

[06:03] – Judith Geiß
Question and get getting answers and everything. And for me it’s easier. But when I wouldn’t have had the videos before, I couldn’t handle that on this level. I would say it was really that I practiced a lot to talk and what to talk on what do I have to say? And just had me for the public speaking then and also that I really said, OK, I want to go on stage this.

[06:28] – Sonja Nannan

[06:29] – Judith Geiß
Three years ago, not possible for me

[06:31] – Sonja Nannan

[06:33] – Judith Geiß
I did workshops in the past for my customers.

[06:36.] – Sonja Nannan

[06:37] – Judith Geiß
But these were not hundreds of people, so, well,

[06:42.] – Sonja Nannan
OK, so doing videos actually helped you with your public speaking as well. That’s cool. Is it because? Because for me it’s the same because I feel like I know what I look like and what I sound like. I know it’s kind of for me that’s really practicing. Is it the same for you that gives you confidence, knowing what it looks like, what it sounds like when you speak or. That’s for me. How is it for you? How do you feel that that helped you for the public speaking?

[07:08] – Judith Geiß
I think that I have to tell something was really important for me. Yeah. And then the feedback to the videos afterwards, for example, when I uploaded them.

[07:18] – Sonja Nannan

[07:19] – Judith Geiß
Helped me that. OK, it’s good. It’s interesting. And yeah, I have something to say and always I don’t know. How is it for you when I’m ready to say, OK, I’m the one going on stage or video and I have to say something and I want to tell the world outside what I know, but also the preparation with the videos.

[07:41] – Sonja Nannan

I know from every video. And to be honest, it’s really the effect on my confidence. It’s much higher than doing just the video, the side effects from you. I say I’m able to do that.

[07:55] – Sonja Nannan

[07:55] – Judith Geiß
And I also bring this on stage as well.

[07:59] – Sonja Nannan
That’s very cool. And I think I talked about this also in a in another video that it’s not about you. It’s about the message that you bring out into the world. I think that’s beautiful. That’s really cool. And you please also let us know where people can find you, maybe your website or your Facebook page, whatever you want to share with the group.

[08:18] – Judith Geiß
OK, you can find me on www.thebridge-online.coom. And also you can just have a look for the bridge – Consulting & Training on Facebook and LinkedIn can find me just with my name. Judith Geiß.

[08:35] – Sonja Nannan
Cool. I will put the links in the Facebook post. Thank you so much. We don’t have much more time for an interview. It’s really great to have you and I wish you all the best we stay contact of course. And I’ll see you soon. Bye

[08:50] – Judith Geiß
Bye bye.



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